IoT case study: Bringing 30-year-old wind turbines online

What will you do in your IoT application? 

  • Coordinate raw material deliveries by monitoring batch levels and sharing the data with external suppliers.
  • Increase production with cloud-based predictive analytics software that analyzes machine data and recommends settings.
  • Maximize energy production revenue by responding automatically to increases and dips in market pricing.
  • Predict points of failure and maximize service intervals on remote generators, pumps, and pipelines.
  • [Your goal here...]


IoT Videos 

iot_to_iiot_maker_boards_presentation_200x113.pngMoving from IoT to IIoT with Maker Boards, Linux, and Open-source Software Tools - Matt Newton at IoT Summit 2017

There's a huge buzz around the Internet of Things from a consumer standpoint—you can light up your BBQ when no one's home (!) or be spammed by your scale's app when you're trying to lose weight. But what's the real value of these technologies? Matt shows that it's industrial "things"—the IIoTthat hold the promise for the future.

Arlen Nipper: The Internet of Things is Just Getting StartedThe Internet of Things is Just Getting Started - Arlen Nipper at TEDxNewBedford

Arlen Nipper has designed embedded systems for many years and explains how embedded systems differ from the Internet of Things. Although he says this is the last video you'll need about the IoT, you'll probably want to see more.

Smart Industry 2016 IIoT case study and presentationWind Farm Leverages IIoT to Respond to Dynamic Energy Pricing - Matt Newton and SCADA Solutions at Smart Industry 2016 

Opto 22's Matt Newton jokes about how valuable his refrigerator's webcam is—or not—and system integrator SCADA Solutions show how legacy industrial equipment can be brought into the IIoT to vastly increase revenue.

Benson Hougland: What is the IoT and why should you care?What is the Internet of Things and why should you care? - Benson Hougland at TEDxTemecula

Here's a look at the IoT from a more personal level, as Opto 22's Benson Hougland confesses he's a technology geek and talks about some valuable uses of the IoT for individuals. 


ibm_watson_iot_video_200x113.pngGet Real-world Data into the Cloud with IBM Watson

Opto 22 Senior Applications Engineer Kyle Orman shows you how to get started on your IoT application using Opto 22 hardware and IBM Watson IoT.