The computer industry changes quickly.

So enterprise data centers (EDCs) have to change, too.

Over time, older EDCs become increasingly inefficient. Aging infrastructure is costly to run and maintain.


See how Arizona Facility Services (AFS) saved this EDC by updating 30-year-old heating and cooling, power, and security systems.

AFS discovered a control system with no annual licensing or periodic update requirements, and broad communications support for BACnet, Modbus, power, security, fire, and other critical infrastructure systems.

With improved infrastructure oversight, the EDC operates systems and equipment efficiently, reducing energy costs.

Using Opto 22's PAC Project suite of automation software, AFS Developer Martin Baricevic programmed controllers and built modern operator interfaces and displays.












A wide range of input/output (I/O) modules supports analog, digital, and serial signals throughout the facility.


“In addition to facilitating installation of new systems, we integrated existing equipment and systems throughout the facility...emergency power systems, namely generators and UPS battery backup systems, as well as the building’s central cooling system, which has a number of independently operated chillers.

"This was all integrated into a building automation system that provides detailed, facility-wide monitoring and precise equipment control.”

- AFS President, Drazen Baricevic


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