What do you need in your next controller?

Explore groov EPIC: the world's first Edge Programmable Industrial Controller.

  • groov EPICBuilt-in security
  • Industrial design
  • Programming options
  • Edge data processing
  • Web and mobile visualization
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Remote access

More than a PLC, PAC, or industrial PC, groov EPIC delivers real-time control, connectivity, data handling, and visualization in one industrial package. Learn more: 

What is groov EPIC?

Why groov EPIC?—Complexity, security, and cost: are these challenges you face?

groov EPIC specs and features—Whether you spec control systems, install or use them, develop software, or design machines as an OEM, you'll find features you like.

groov EPIC software—Explore programming and communication options, a web-based HMI, Ignition Edge Onboard, and more, all included.

groov EPIC videos—Watch and learn, from short product tours to how-to videos to webinars.

groov EPIC training—Sign up for Premium Factory classroom training or learn on your own with free online courses at OptoU.

groov EPIC configurator—Use this handy tool to build your groov EPIC system.

groov EPIC product guide—See the complete list of part numbers and descriptions: processor, chassis, integrated power supplies, and guaranteed-for-life discrete and analog I/O.