This is EPIC.

The world's first Edge Programmable Industrial Controller.

groov EPIC system


groov EPICWelcome to the future of automation! Opto 22 is pleased to unveil a new automation system that's not like any system you've seen before.

groov EPIC combines guaranteed-for-life I/O, real-time control, local and remote HMI, and industrial/IT data exchange in a single compact, industrial package.


What is EPIC?

Edge – Collect, process, view, and exchange data where it’s produced—at the edge of network. Securely share data among databases, cloud services, Allen-Bradley® and Siemens® PLC systems, and other equipment using tools like Ignition Edge® from Inductive Automation®, Node-RED, and MQTT. Visualize data on the integral touchscreen, an external HDMI monitor, or from any web browser or mobile device.

Programmable – Options for programming include flowchart-based PAC Control with optional scripting and future support for IEC-61131. Optional Shell access lets you run your own custom applications on an open, Linux®-based automation system.

Industrial – From plant floors to remote sites, the edge demands industrially hardened equipment—like operating temperature specs from -20 to 70 °C, solid-state drives, UL Hazardous Locations approval, and ATEX compliance.

Controller – Reliable real-time control and guaranteed-for-life I/O provide the solid base for all other functions. groov intelligent I/O offers up to 24 channels per module, optical isolation, hot swapping, and 14 AWG spring-clamp terminations.

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