Learn and experiment with an EPIC – with your own groov EPIC Learning Center from Opto 22

Edge Programmable Industrial Controllers (EPIC) are the future of automation, and perfect for your industrial automation and IIoT applications.

Get ready to learn about and experiment with groov EPIC, Opto 22's Edge Programmable Industrial Controller. The new groov EPIC Learning Center 2 includes even more features and capabilities than the original, See what's included in the new GRV-EPIC-LC2, and be ready to take on your industrial automation and IIoT applications.


The Learning Center is a complete package of fully functioning EPIC hardware and software, and is designed as an integral part of our free OptoU Online Training This latest version of the Learning Center now has a PR2 processor (with Ignition Edge software included from Inductive Automation) as well as a universal I/O module (GRV-MM1001-10).

It's ideal for pilot projects, Proofs of Concept (POCs), demonstrations, or simply having a fully working system on your bench or desk for development.

You'll learn how to: 

  • Initialize and configure the groov EPIC processor and I/O
  • Develop control programs with many programming options
  • Create web-based, mobile-ready Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
  • Connect to existing PLCs
  • Exchange data with cloud services, databases, and other software

Purchase a Learning Center today, and start discovering the potential for your automation and IIoT projects with groov EPIC. 

For more details, reference the groov EPIC Learning Center data sheet.