Monitor Machine Health with Precise Power Data

Introducing groov RIO EMU (Energy Monitoring Unit) 



Edge I/O for Power

The groov RIO series from Opto 22 brings you a new kind of I/O product—edge I/O. It doesn't require a PLC, PAC, or IPC to communicate data to other systems. Instead, this intelligent, distributed I/O includes security, data processing, and networking to meet the needs of IIoT projects independently.

The new groov RIO energy monitoring unit (GRV-R7-I1VAPM-3) brings the same level of connectivity to projects that require energy data acquisition and communication.

Look what you can do with RIO EMU:

  • Monitor category III 3-phase AC power up to 600 V in Delta or Wye configurations
  • Capture 18 data values per phase—voltage, current, true power, power factor, and frequency—plus 10 3-phase totals
  • Measure power and energy at the point of use to detect downtime predictors like high power consumption
  • Easily share real-time data with analytics software, databases, and dashboards using the built-in MQTT/Sparkplug client
  • Secure the system and data with user accounts, configurable firewall, TLS certificates, HTTPS, and VPN client
  • Quickly power for standalone operation with 802.3af PoE Class 0 switches or use 10-32 VDC line power

groovRIO-EMU_Wiring (1)

And, you can use groov RIO EMU in two ways:

  • As an edge energy monitoring unit, communicating data between loads and data destinations. You can:
    • Push data directly to on-premises or cloud apps, databases, or other software, typically using the included Node-RED
    • Publish data to an MQTT broker
    • Respond to Modbus/TCP requests for data
    • Configure with browser-based groov Manage software
    • Manage local user accounts and permissions, or from a central location through an LDAP server
  • As a traditional energy monitoring unit, configuring channels through your control program:
    • With a groov EPIC processor running a PAC Control strategy; add a groov RIO EMU as an I/O unit
    • With a groov EPIC processor running a CODESYS application, download and install the Opto 22 CODESYS Library Package to the CODESYS Development System, then add a groov RIO EMU as an Ethernet device
    • With a custom control program through either groov RIO's OptoMMP memory map, its REST API, or through secure shell access (requires free GROOV-LIC-SHELL license)

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