groov RIO version 3.5 adds control to remote I/O

The latest groov RIO 3.5 firmware update offers a CODESYS programming option along with enhancements for performance and security.

V3groovRIO_3_CODESYSwBG Opto 22 has announced firmware version 3.5 for groov RIO edge I/O. This release includes the CODESYS runtime engine, allowing the groov RIO to now function as a controller coupled with software-configurable I/O.

The new firmware for groov RIO delivers a compact, configurable, and secure PLC for end-user or OEM engineers, technicians, and developers with smaller industrial control applications. groov RIO with CODESYS embedded uniquely combines the power of an IEC-61131-3 programmable controller with 10 channels of universal, software-configurable I/O, plus state-of-the-art cybersecurity features, including account management, certificates, encryption, and network segmentation.

Use groov RIO as a PLC. Security, control programming, and software-configurable I/O are now in the same compact groov RIO edge device. The on-board CODESYS runtime engine fully supports IEC-61131-3 control programs written in the programming language of your choice: structured text, ladder logic diagram, functional block diagram, and continuous or sequential function chart.

This CODESYS control programming update can be found in all models of groov RIO:

Part number    Description
GRV-R7-MM1001-10    Universal I/O (groov RIO MM1): 8 multifunction channels, 2 Form C relays, no Ignition
GRV-R7-MM2001-10    Universal I/O (groov RIO MM2): 8 multifunction channels, 2 Form C relays, expanded memory, Ignition Edge 8 pre-installed
GRV-R7-I1VAPM-3    Energy monitoring edge I/O (groov RIO EMU): 3-phase energy monitoring, 18 power and energy channels per phase plus 10 accumulation channels