Ignition Edge for the IoT

Workshop videos show you how to use Ignition Edge in the groov Edge Appliance.

This series of videos introduces Ignition Edge® from Inductive Automation®, available in the groov Box. With OPC drivers for Allen-Bradley and Siemens PLC systems, plus the MQTT transport protocol and Sparkplug messaging, Ignition Edge brings you the connectivity you need for your IoT project. 

Now you can get data that's trapped in isolated automation systems and move it efficiently where you need to use it. Predictive maintenance, data analysis for business planning, and data-based process improvement can all become a reality.

And because it's the groov Edge Appliance, you can do two other things as well:

  • Easily build an operator interface to see and interact with all of this data, which your authorized users can securely view on computers and mobile devices.
  • Create simple Node-RED logic flows to also incorporate and manipulate data from devices, databases, and online services.

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