Introducing groov RIO: I/O for the IIoT™

Intelligent, multi-signal, multifunction, PoE-powered, remote Ethernet I/O for IIoT and automation applications

Now with one compact unit, you can:
  • RIO-Din-Wire_Image (002)Power the unit and connected I/O with 802.3af PoE Class 0 switches, or a 10-32 VDC power supply
  • Wire up to 8 channels of mixed I/O signals (configurable for temperature, current, voltage, or discrete inputs or outputs), plus 2 mechanical relays.
  • Run optional distributed features independently on the processor, including counting, thermocouple linearization, digital totalizing, minimum/maximum values, ramping, and up to four PID control loops
  • Integrate I/O data directly with databases, HMIs, SCADA systems, cloud services, and IoT platforms, using embedded Node-RED
  • Connect to existing control systems or building automation systems with Modbus/TCP, OptoMMP, and REST APIs
  • Build your own custom programs to run on groov RIO with optional secure shell access (SSH)
  • Publish process data directly into publish-subscribe architectures with MQTT and Sparkplug or string payloads
  • Log data to internal power-fail-safe memory or an attached USB mass storage device
  • Protect with built-in security, including configurable firewalls, encryption, user accounts, LDAP centralized user management, and VPN client
  • Install anywhere with wide -20 to 70 °C rating, UL Hazardous Locations approval, ATEX compliance

If you have a mixed I/O count application, especially requiring I/O data logging or data communications, count on groov RIO.

Ready to learn more?

Watch an in-depth demonstration of groov RIO with our on-demand webinar: Introducing groov RIO, I/O for the IIoT™. In about an hour, we'll walk you through all the features and benefits of groov RIO, followed by a live demo of groov RIO's configuration options and embedded software tools.

As an added bonus, you'll also see how groov RIO elegantly integrates with Inductive Automation's Ignition platform, bringing you closer to your digital transformation and IIoT project goals!



I/O signal options are (almost) endless. You can configure thousands of unique field I/O combinations with one groov RIO unit! How is this possible? We've documented how we got these results.

Ready to explore the possibilities of groov RIO? Check out the groov RIO online explorer tool.


Need more product details? Download the CAD drawing of a RIO unit.


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RIO (GRV-R7-MM1001-10 or GRV-R7-MM2001-10) is available
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