Why is North Dakota as bright as Chicago?

It's flare gas from oil fields, a waste stream going up in smoke.

Now Pioneer Energy is changing that waste into resources, adding up to 30% in revenue—which could mean the difference between success and failure in the current tight petroleum market.

Seen from space, light from waste flare gas in the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota is nearly as bright as all the lights from the city of Chicago.

The solution: Pioneer Energy’s Mobile Alkane Gas Separator, remotely monitored and controlled.

Mounted on a trailer, the complete system can be trucked to a well site and installed in 24 hours. After a final safety check, the unit is turned on from a central control station 3 states away.

Reliable onsite processing and remote central station monitoring and control make Pioneer Energy’s solution viable.

Read the Pioneer Energy case study [PDF]
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Andrew Young, Lead Controls Engineer at Pioneer Energy, talks about making remote operations reliable. Keeping technicians on site in North Dakota, with winter temperatures at -30 °F (-34 °C), just isn't an option…



Raw natural gas is first compressed and then dehydrated.

The dry compressed gas is then refrigerated down to as cold as -80 °C, liquefying the high molecular weight natural gas components.

A miniature distillation column system then separates the natural gas mixture into three usable streams:

  • Natural gas Liquids including propane, butane, pentane, and hexane are stored as liquids to be transported to market.
  • Very Pure Methane goes to power generators to provide electricity for either local use or sale to the grid; it can also be compressed into CNG.
  • Ethane is sent to the MAGS internal power generator to support its own operation.





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