SCADA Solutions tames the wind

What do you do when the rules change? When these California wind turbines were installed (up to 30 years ago), owners could just turn them on and make money. But now it's different.

Now returns are based on a minute-by-minute market price for electricity. If turbines are on while the price is high, owners make money. If they're on when the price dips into negative territory, owners LOSE money. And if the regional authority demands all turbines be turned off, owners must comply within 10 minutes or face stiff penalties.

You can't keep enough operators out in the desert 24 hours a day to handle this manually. Watch how SCADA Solutions' remote monitoring and control system brought these wind turbines into the 21st Century.


Turbines take control.

In the Internet of Things (IoT), some things will no longer require constant human attention. Here humans set up the system and oversee it, but turbines gear up or down by themselves, based on market prices.

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The first step to the solution: SCADA Solutions added an I/O board with radio to each wind turbine. Next, they connected all turbines through a mesh radio network.

Opto 22 SNAP PAC programmable automation controllers supervise turbines on the farm, providing control logic and tracking data.

An Opto 22 groov operator interface supplies data to authorized operators, owners, and field technicians and also lets them control turbines from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

In addition to turbine control for profit, this wealth of data informs decisions about turbine efficiency and preventive maintenance.


The system automatically optimizes generation for maximum revenue.


"Opto 22’s platform has proven very versatile," says Craig VanWagner, SCADA Solutions engineer.

"We can take the analog and digital data from the field and bring it into control software that monitors and manages the whole farm."

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