SNAP Analog I/O

Designed for Industrial Use

Opto 22 introduced the first analog I/O for a PC-based control system—Optomux—in 1983. We've been making reliable, industrial I/O for analog control ever since.

SNAP analog modules are designed for harsh environments: all are transformer isolated and optically isolated from the field side to the control side, right out of the box. Some modules also offer channel-to-channel isolation.

Analog modules are available in a broad range of signal types. Each module contains 1 to 32 channels (points), which can be individually configured. Signal types include:
  • Current input and current output (with and without loop sourcing)
  • Voltage input and voltage output
  • RMS
  • Rate
  • Temperature (ICTD and thermocouple)
  • RTD
  • pH/ORP
  • Thermistor
  • Load cell
  • TPO
  • Power monitoring




Analog Control

Analog modules monitor, control, and acquire data from a wide assortment of sensors and devices.

Use analog modules for:

  • temperature monitoring
  • flow control
  • valve automation
  • pump control
  • air pressure control
  • drum or tank level control
  • and many other similar industrial control applications

SNAP analog I/O modules