Upgrade with SNAP-PAC-R1-B for B-series racks

Move up to the latest PAC and I/O without changing your rack or field wiring

Now developer and IIoT ready with a RESTful API!

SNAP-PAC-R1-B mounts on SNAP B-series racksDo you have legacy SNAP Ultimate or SNAP Ethernet I/O units on B-series mounting racks?

Now you can upgrade these I/O units to SNAP PAC with the new SNAP-PAC-R1-B.

The SNAP-PAC-R1-B combines a controller and brain in one compact package. The SNAP-PAC-R1-B is exactly like a regular SNAP-PAC-R1 except that it has a blue connector on the bottom that fits on a B-series rack. That means you can:

  • Replace a SNAP Ultimate or SNAP Ethernet brain with the new R1-B while keeping the same rack and field wiring.
  • Add the newest SNAP I/O modules to your B-series rack—like 16-point digital modules, 8-channel analog input modules, additional serial communication modules, and the 8-channel multifunction SNAP-AOVA-8 analog output module.
  • Run a PAC Control strategy on the new R1-B or use it as a powerful brain.
  • Communicate directly with other systems and equipment that use EtherNet/IP (for example, Allen-Bradley® PLC systems).
  • Use local, removable data storage through the PAC's built-in microSD slot that takes microSDHC cards up to 32 GB.
  • Set up link redundancy using the R1-B's two independent Ethernet network interfaces.
  • Take advantage of the R1-B's integrated FPU (floating-point unit) and substantially larger battery-backed RAM.


  • Securely access I/O and strategy variable data using the PAC's built-in HTTP/HTTPS server and RESTful API—ideal for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications and custom programs.
  • Securely monitor and control your older systems and equipment from your smartphone or tablet with a groov mobile operator interface. No programming and no coding. 

What can you replace?

The SNAP-PAC-R1-B is designed to replace the following:

  • SNAP-UP1-ADS (analog/digital/serial SNAP Ultimate controller/brain)
  • SNAP-B3000-ENET (SNAP Ethernet brain)

These are legacy products: we still fully support them, but we do not recommend them for new designs. (Note that the R1-B does not work on a SNAP-D64RS all-digital rack. It is designed for a B-series rack with a B in the part number.)

Compare legacy and current SNAP products

See the Legacy and Current SNAP Product Comparison and Compatibility Charts for detailed differences between the new SNAP-PAC-R1-B and the rack-mounted controller or brain you have now.

SNAP-AITM-4i 4-channel isolated thermocouple or millivolt analog input moduleBe sure to see I/O module support on the last page of the document. At least 25 new I/O modules not supported by SNAP Ultimate or SNAP Ethernet brains can now be used with the SNAP-PAC-R1-B on a B-series rack.

NOTE: Remember that the B-series rack limits where you can place 4-point digital modules: only in the first eight positions (slots 0-7). The new PAC does not change this limitation.

Analog, high-density digital, and serial modules can be placed anywhere on the rack.

For detailed information about migrating to the SNAP PAC System—options, advantages, and gotchas—see the SNAP PAC System Migration Technical Note. As you skim through it, you'll see how much the SNAP-PAC-R1-B simplifies your migration tasks.

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