Vista Irrigation District delivers water through 3 generations of automation systems


Vista uses distributed intelligence and control at the network's edge to manage 30 remote sites, 435 miles of pipeline, and much more.



Created in the 1920's to support a small agricultural community, the district today supports over 128,000 residents with changing needs and in drought conditions.


Backwards-compatible Opto 22 products were key when integrator IDAC West upgraded the existing serial-based control system to the latest Ethernet-based system.


Leveraging distributed architecture and pushing intelligence to the edge...

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“Using other SCADA systems often requires the system to be taken offline for several weeks to perform a complete upgrade. Using our R&D test center reduces the District’s downtime for upgrades from weeks to just a couple of hours.”

- Dave Smith, President, IDAC West


“Because each controller and brain in the SNAP PAC System is intelligent, we can configure set points directly at each site so that if the network goes down, the site continues to operate autonomously."

- Alan LeVezu, IDAC West



How can Opto 22 help you?

Small-footprint, reliable PAC controllers
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All Opto 22 products are designed, manufactured, and supported in the U.S.A. from our Temecula, California headquarters and factory.

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