Automation Basics workshop videos from Opto 22

Useful data about equipment and processes is often trapped in the physical world. 

To improve efficiency, we must move that data into the digital worldsoftware—for tracking and analysis.
In this series of videos you'll explore ways to liberate the trapped data and move it to a variety of software applications.

Each video focuses on typical signals and a typical scenario like monitoring temperature or controlling a discrete output.
You'll learn how to:

  • Wire the sensor or actuator to I/O
  • Configure the I/O in a control program
  • Send data locally or to the cloud for storage and analysis

Video pages include wiring diagrams, links to the hardware and software used in the video, and more information.

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Monitor Electricity

Video: Monitor electricity

To understand your electrical usage and take steps to control it, you need data directly from your electric meter.


Wire a Proximity Sensor

Video: Wire a proximity sensor

Proximity sensors can give you machine data without ever touching equipment and without interfering in your process.


Wire a Temperature Sensor

Video: Wire a temperature sensor

How can you monitor temperature in key places like server rooms, so you can fix problems before your equipment fails?


Wire a Level Sensor


You can get accurate tank level readings plus HART data through this one level sensor, using just two wires.


Wire a Valve Actuator

Video: Wire a valve actuator

Controlling the flow of heating and cooling water is a basic task for a building automation HVAC system.