Workshop Videos from Opto 22

Learn the basics about automation, Node-RED, and more in these videos.

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Automation Basics

Automation 101 Videos

In these videos, learn how to wire sensors and actuators, monitor electricity, and more. Wiring diagrams & step-by-step instructions are included.


Node-RED and the IoT

Node-RED Workshop videos

Learn how to build simple logic flows for your Internet of Things projects using Node-RED, built into the groov Edge Appliance.


Ignition Edge in the groov Box

Ignition Edge Workshop videos

Activate Inductive Automation's Ignition Edge in the groov Edge Appliance. Connect to PLCs, use a publish/subscribe protocol, and more.


groov View operator interfaces

groov View Workshop videos

These videos show you how to easily build your own operator interface and securely view it on a phone, tablet, laptop, PC, and big TVs.